International Field Hockey Club of Kentucky

IFHCK Field Hockey Club is Louisville's ​​​​Premier Field Hockey Club that has been providing top level instruction to athletes in the Louisville market since 1994. 
The IFHCK difference!

COVID19 Update for IFHCK Field Hockey

All of us at IFHCK are thinking about you and miss playing field hockey. This is an unprecedented time in the world as we all face this global health challenge together. We have decided that the best thing right now is to protect the health and well-being of our athletes and IFHCK family.  With that said, and the recent social distancing guidelines being extended nationwide, we have decided to postpone the Spring Season till May.  

We are monitoring the situation daily and will continue to provide updates.  We wanted to say a big thank you to our medical/health care practitioners, emergency service providers, essential workers, police officers, firefighters, local government workers and everyone doing their part to make sure we are safe.

Be safe and keep practicing at home!  Our coaches have been sending messages via our Instagram, check them out at @_ifhck

2019-20 Indoor Select Info Page

We hope this page will be useful for you, we have collected all info in one place for this 2019-2020 Indoor Select Season!  Your team managers should already have been in contact with you, please let them be a first line of communication with any questions you might have, otherwise see below.  We look forward to an awesome season, thank you for being a part of IFHCK!

Contact Info:
Logistical/Admin Questions – [email protected]
Coaching/Player Questions – [email protected]

2019-2020 SCHEDULES

Wednesday - 7-8:15pm
Saturdays - 9:45-11:15am
Mondays - 7-8:15pm
Wednesdays - 8:15-9:45pm
U-14 RED
Mondays - 4-30-6pm
Wednesdays - 5:45-7:15pm
Mondays - 5:45-7:15pm
Wednesdays - 4:30-6pm
Mondays - 4:30-6pm
Wednesdays - 4:30-6pm
Mondays - 5:45-7:15pm
Wednesday - 4:30-6pm
U-16 RED
Mondays - 5:45-7:15pm
Wednesdays - 7-8:30pm
Mondays - 5:45-7:15pm
Wednesday - 7-8:30pm
Mondays - 4:30-6pm
Wednesdays - 5:45-7:15pm
Mondays - 4:30-6pm
Wednesdays - 5:45-7:15pm
December: 9, 16, 30
January: 6, 13, 20, 27
February: 3, 10
December: 4, 11, 18
January: 8, 15, 22, 29
February: 5, 12, 19
December: 7, 21, 28
January: 4, 18, 25
February: 8, 15


IFHCK splits the club into multiple practice groups. These tend to stay together for anything from 2-3 months in duration and change to reflect seasons (e.g. outdoor v indoor), preparation for upcoming tournaments or administrative changes in membership volume such as new signups or graduation of seniors.

We take several factors into consideration when deciding which practice group to place a player in and ensure appropriate challenge for everyone. Individually these include - but are not limited to - a player's ability, relative physical and emotional maturity, age and experience with field hockey. While we also consider the player's social enjoyment of the sport and desire to be with their friends, we ultimately reserve the right to refuse requests to move groups if we do not feel it is in everyone's best interest.

We believe that an important part of a player's development is learning to deal with the obstacles posed by different environments. Therefore, players may be grouped outside their comfort zone for a period. For example, a player grouped with more skilled players may fail more often than they are used to but will learn faster and develop resilience. By contrast, being grouped with those less experienced allows the player to achieve more success, while also testing their ability to lead and set standards around effort and intensity for others. We may also move players around during a given practice for similar purposes and to see how they handle adversity.


Intraclub/local playdays are no additional charge to our select academy athletes, in-house tournaments provided as part of your membership, and are held twice a season, only subject to change based on space/schedule etc. However, these playdays take a lot of organization, scheduling and rostering, so we require signup in advance per team to make this happen effectively. Playdays have a sign-up deadline of one week in advance; we cannot guarantee to accommodate you if you miss the sign-up deadline, although we will do what we can!


Tournaments are extras which come at additional cost, which varies greatly depending on the preparation involved. Players will typically spend couple of months bedding into the club and learning our principles and tactics prior to participating in tournaments, with some exceptions made for those with immediate recruiting needs.

Tournaments vary greatly in what they cost, depending on the preparation involved. We generally participate in three types of tournaments: learning, showcase and performance.

Learning tournaments are single-day events and 50% playing time is guaranteed for each player. Tournaments that fall into this category include 7 v 7 playdays on college/high school campuses in the spring and one-day indoor tournaments in the winter. The price for one day tournaments usually tends to be between $85-$125, depending on each event. Some longer, more expensive tournaments for younger players (U10, U12, occasionally U14) are also treated as learning tournaments, such as Summer Bash at the Beach.

Showcase tournaments usually take place over 2-3 days and involve a longer build-up, with extra practices and prep playdays added to ensure the athletes are ready to compete and perform to their potential in front of college coaches. For those who may not wish to attempt to get recruited to play in college, or for younger players who are not yet PSAs (prospective student athletes), these can also be used as learning tournaments, but with a more intensive build-up. 30% playing time is guaranteed at these tournaments, but we aim to do better and usually do. Examples include Shooting Star in Midlothian (November) and Delaware (April), Disney in Florida (January-February), and some additional events. Prices vary, but for a 3-day recruiting tournament with a large buildup the price could be anywhere between $350-450. 

Performance tournaments are tournaments which take place on the national stage, or act as qualifiers for national tournaments run by USA Field Hockey. These tournaments usually take place over 2-3 days and involve a longer build-up, with extra practices and prep playdays added to ensure the athletes are ready to compete. No playing time is guaranteed at these tournaments - athletes must earn their spot both on the roster and on the field during the tournament. Prices vary but could be anywhere between $250-$450+. Examples include the National Indoor Tournament (NITs) and Regional Club Championships (RCCs). For RCCs, the club is only allowed enter a single team at each grade, so tryouts are held with players during spring or winter for National indoor teams. 


All players will need to have the hockey essential’s + indoor hockey stick + glove (left) or both + IFHCK reversible/shorts. All athletes should bring an indoor field hockey stick, mouthguard, shin guards, indoor court shoes (NO CLEATS), indoor field hockey glove for left hand and water to practices.

The primary uniform item required by all members, which can be purchased during sessions is club pinnie/blue IFHCK shorts (need to be ordered via store when it becomes available), which is worn to practices and can also be used for one-day tournaments, both indoor and outdoor.

If you intend on participating in major recruiting or performance tournaments,  which run over 2-3 days (see tournament guide above),  you will need to purchase or in some case borrow a full club uniform, comprising: color jersey, white jersey, blue skirt, compression shorts, white/blue shin sleeves are extra as needed. 

If you have any queries regarding uniforms, please contact your team manager TBA! 


IFHCK believes that athletes should learn to take responsibility for their own growth and improvement, to help them gain maturity and accountability.  All field-hockey related discussions, feedback and evaluations - whether initiated by the player or the club - should take place directly between the player and the coach. As key stakeholders in the child's sporting development, parents are most welcome to take part in any such conversations if they wish. Regarding matters of a more sensitive or personal nature that are external to field hockey coaching, parents may contact club directors directly. ​​

If there is dissatisfaction from a player around issues such as tournament rosters, playing time, playing position, conflict with a coach, coaching styles etc., IFHCK takes such matters seriously and has a procedure in place to address these. Players and parents are asked to wait until at least 24 hours after an issue arises to initiate any questions via phone or email to the club director.


Severe weather or facilities issues that are out of our control occasionally affect our club. Whenever practice or game times have to be changed, the practice group affected will be messaged via Remind app, which sends a text to each parent who have signed up for the Remind info provided by the manager, and an e-mail notification.

We do not typically cancel practices for hot or cold weather, although we do follow suggested guidelines for water breaks once a certain heat index is met. It is the athlete's responsibility to prepare for and dress appropriately for all sessions, and to bring appropriate amounts of water to the session.

We do cancel/reschedule practices for dangerous weather such as lightning within mileage deemed dangerous by the facility, ice on the roads, etc. Every effort is made to make changes as far in advance as possible, but sometimes this can be tricky, as we don't want to cancel unnecessarily. For lightning that pops up unexpectedly, we require that all athletes report back to a car or the closest shelter for 20 minutes (or time required by the facility) and we resume once it is clear.


IFHCK reserves the right to refuse service to athletes based on poor attendance, negative disruption to the other athletes, or for behaviors or actions that counteract the spirit and goals of the club.